Over the years we’ve worked for a wide variety of companies and organisations across many different sectors, from transactional / ecommerce sites to an activity-tracking app for NHS Consultants, which is being heavily used during the pandemic to track increased covid-related workloads.

Clients since 2010

I’ve been fortunate enough to work twice with Future Dream, firstly at Vodafone and recently in my team at Mail Newspapers. Both times it’s been a pleasure to work with them; they are thoroughly professional, super collaborative, personable and great communicators. They both inspired my team and challenged design conventions as well as being respected by our senior stakeholders.
Julie Kennedy, Head of User Experience, Vodafone and The Daily Mail
Future Dream joined the project to provide UX advice and support shortly after we started and  used their considerable experience and insight to quickly improve our offering and helping us meet our delivery targets.

They are able to take complicated concepts and requirements and quickly and effectively understand them, suggesting webpage designs and customer journeys enabling the business to understand and approve them prior to detailed design work commencing
Stephen Gould, Product Owner for Project Aella, Countrywide