Future Dream Media offers consultancy in a range of areas related to user experience and usability:

  • UX design
  • UX research
  • Usability testing
  • Service design
  • Customer insight

Our consultancy will help to:

  • optimise your web site or product
  • improve usability
  • increase revenues
  • enhance customer loyalty and retention

There are many tools and techniques to do this.

A good first step is usually a thorough review of your existing site or product (if you have one):

  • Heuristic analysis – a review of your web site / product against UX best practise
  • Competitor analysis – what are your competitors doing that you’re not? What can you learn from them?
  • Benchmarking of existing site – conducting tests / tasks with real users, benchmarking the results for future comparison
  • Key journey analysis – what are the most important journeys a user conducts on your current site? Where are the pain points?
  • Checkout optimisation – how can users get through checkout as quickly and painlessly and with as little drop-off as possible?
  • Browse-to-buy optimisation – how can users browse to the products they want as easily as possible?
  • Search results page optimisation – are there any usability wins that can be applied to your search results page?
  • In-depth user interviews – you may think you know your users, but do you?
  • Requirements gathering – what are the business requirements for the new site? What is the anticipated ROI? What KPIs will be used to measure success?
  • Other analysis techniques – surveys, questionnaires, analysis of call center feedback

Screenshot from a usability test sessions with one of a TradePoint’s store’s Top 100 customers. His conclusion? “It’s easy. My mum could use it!”

Then – for the design of a new site or the redesign of an existing one – there are tools and techniques for modelling an improved user experience:

  • Information architecture – what is the best structure for your site? How many sections should there be, and what should they be called? Which content sits in which section?
  • Persona design – ‘hypothetical archetypes’ to help model user behaviours
  • User journey modelling – what is the optimal journey for a user to achieve a given task? How does a given user navigate through the virtual information space of your site?
  • Wireframes / prototypes – how will the key pages of the new site be laid out? What information is on the page, and how is it organised?
  • Usability testing – test the wireframes or prototype with real users, give them real tasks to achieve and ask them to talk through their decisions and actions
  • Visual design – does your existing styling and branding still work, or does it need an update?

It’s worth noting that FutureDream doesn’t do technical build, but of course part of the design process is to work with your devs to ensure that suggested solutions are actually feasible.

And of course we offer Training so that you or your staff can learn these tools and techniques for themselves.

To learn more, get in touch!

I worked with FutureDream as a Product Manager at BMJ on two separate occasions. The first time Ian helped me to create a completely new user journey that drove a high volume of traffic to our sites. The second time we had a need to map a complex process flow with a view to help our users complete their tasks more efficiently. On both occasions I found Ian to be very competent, flexible and professional. He delivered both projects on time and to a high standard. He was also a lot of fun to work with!
Roberta Cucuzza
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
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